Latin-Lithuanian Glossary in the 1673 Lithuanian Grammar by Sapūnas and Schultz

  • Mindaugas Strockis
Keywords: Sapūnas, Šulcas (Schultz), “Compendium”, glossary, tanslation, Latin


    In the 1673 Lithuanian grammar Compendium Grammaticae Lituanicae written by Sapūnas and published by Schultz, almost all Lithuanian words are accompanied with Latin translations; thus we have a de facto Lithuanian-Latin glossary consisting of 1380 entries. Certain peculiarities of this glossary reveal that the Latin translations were added to the original text by someone who knew Lithuanian well but whose native language was German. From this a conclusion can be drawn that in the original manuscript by Sapūnas the Lithuanian words had no accompanying Latin translations, and that these were added by Schultz. Yet, despite these minor shortcomings, the glossary furnishes valuable information on Lithuanian as it was spoken in Lithuania Minor in the 17th century.