Writing Astrology Names on Astrology Sites

  • Ramunė Vaskelaitė
Keywords: spelling, capital letter, proper names, astrological names


  Spelling norms of the Lithuanian language determine a capitalization for a proper name use, but this is only the most general rule which is applicable to names composed of one word. In the case of composed names, there are two ways to write a name: the first word of some of them shall be written in capital letters, meanwhile each word is capitalized with the other ones, and this limit is drawn according to the object to be named. However, the names of astrological objects there among them are not mentioned in the works defining the spelling norms, so their spelling norms remain undefined. The article seeks to find out the ways of a spelling applied in the usage and whether a certain norm of spelling is settled in it. The analysis of usage tendencies of astrological names is based on texts published on astrology websites.