Terminologisation of Common Words in Jurgis Ambraziejus Pabrėža’s "Taislius Augyminis"

  • Albina Auksoriūtė
Keywords: Jurgis Ambraziejus Pabrėža, plant genera names, terminologisation, motivation, metaphorical terms


The article deals with the names of the genera of flowering plants given by Jurgis Ambraziejus Pabrėža in his 1843 work Taislius augyminis (“The System of Plants”), which Pabrėža coined by way of terminologisation of colloquial words of that time. The article contains analysis of the semantic motivation behind the names of the genera of plants, in which the names for plant genera he had created are compared with the names in Povilas Matulionis’s Žolynas (“Names of plants”), Lietuviškas botanikos žodynas (“A Lithuanian Dictionary of Botany”), Lietuvių kalbos žodynas (“A Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language”), and Botanikos vardų žodynas (“A Dictionary of Plant Names”); also, it lists the names of plant genera in Pabrėža’s work that have taken root in current usage.