The Guidelines for the Development of the "Word Formation Guide"

  • Daiva Murmulaitytė
Keywords: synchronic word formation, new word formation, means of word formation, structure of database, grammar


The study aims to introduce the need and opportunities for the development of the Word Formation Guide (WFG). It discusses some of the emerging problems that will inevitably arise when adapting this noun formation manual to word formation data from other parts of speech. The first option for the development of the WFG is to use the existing structure of the database to add new data, for example, examples of derivatives and compounds from fundamental works on word formation in Lithuanian, as well as comments on the usage of derivatives and compounds, new word formation tendencies, etc. Another option is to modify the structure of the database of the WFG when it becomes necessary to collect data that are different from what has been foreseen so far. Words from the various parts of speech (nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs) differ in the data structure of their formation, word formation categories, among other things, so an unmodified structural model for describing the formation of nouns from other parts of the language would probably not work. In addition, the data on the derivation of adjectives would pose additional problems, as the principle of synchronicity has been inconsistently applied in grammar to describe it.