Subordination in the Works on Lithuanian Syntax in the Years of Soviet Occupation

  • Artūras Judžentis
Keywords: subordination, agreement, government, adjunction (šliejimas), Vytautas Ambrazas, Jonas Balkevičius, Pranas Gailiūnas, Zelma Dumašiūtė, Česys Grenda, Bronius Kalinauskas, Vitas Labutis, Vytautas Sirtautas, Juozas Žiugžda


The article analyses, how the types of syntactic relations are described in the works on Lithuanian syntax, during the Soviet occupation, during the years between the middle of the 20th century ant the end of eighties. The investigation opens with the Grammar of the Lithuanian language (1945) by Juozas Žiugžda and ends with manual for higher schools Syntax of the Lithuanian language (1988) by Vytautas Sirtautas and Česys Grenda. The concept and definition of subordination types and their application when describing relations between words, word groups and sentence parts are taken into account.