Laminatas and its Cognates in the Dictionary of the Standard Lithuanian Language

  • Daiva Murmulaitytė
Keywords: dictionary, lexeme, semantic structure, dictionary entry, filiation, subsense


Judging by the usage on the Internet, laminatas ‘laminate’ and its cognates laminuoti ‘to laminate’, laminavimas ‘lamination’, laminuotas, ‑a ‘laminated’, etc. not only are frequently used as terms in the texts of certain fields (construction and repair, wood processing, textiles, aesthetic dentistry, cosmetology) but are also abundantly used in general everyday usage. Although most of them are not neologisms (in the last decades of the last century, some of them were provided by Lithuanian dictionaries of international words and various encyclopedias), the words laminatas and laminuoti appeared in the general dictionaries of the Lithuanian language just a year ago – in the 8th edition of the Dictionary of the Modern Lithuanian Language (Dabartinės lietuvių kalbos žodynas, 2021). The article discusses the semantic structure of laminatas, laminuoti, and other words of this family, based on research on the lexicographic sources and their usage in the Lithuanian language, as well as the morphological characteristics of some of them. As a result of this research, the dictionary entries of mentioned words in the Dictionary of the Standard Lithuanian Language (Bendrinės lietuvių kalbos žodynas) are presented.