Translation of Abbreviations in EU Legislation: Criterion Issue

  • Ramunė Vaskelaitė
Keywords: acronym, syllabic abbreviation, proper names, generic names, symbolic names


    Abbreviations are usually discussed as an orthography level object in the works that provide language norms, but it is understandable from their brief discussion in the orthography sections that such abbreviations of the names are not solely related to an orthographic level. However, they are not discussed more thoroughly in other aspects neither in orthographic chapters nor in the works covering other linguistic levels. The recent growth of abbreviations, including non-Lithuanian abbreviations, the peculiarities of which in their formation, inflection and orthography coincide with the mentioned sections of the Lithuanian language orthography only partially, leads to various uncertainties in use. This article analyses one of them: the issue of a translation of non-Lithuanian abbreviations. It is aimed at clarifying it through translation of EU legal acts into Lithuanian.