Nouns “Compliance”, “Conformity” in Administrative Language

  • Loreta Vaičiulytė-Semėnienė
Keywords: valency of the nouns “compliance”, “conformity”, administrative language, usage bias


The article raises the matter of the degree of syntactic–semantic valency that the verbal nouns compliance, conformity (Lith. atitiktis, atitikimas) have in administrative language. Reliance is made on samples of texts from the Corpus of the Modern Lithuanian Language (CMLL) by the Centre of Computational Linguistics of Vytautas Magnus University and of EUR-lex. Analysis of 452 sentences of the administrative language has revealed that the nouns compliance, conformity are used in the sense of ‘similarity (concord) and/or equivalence, adequacy; fitness’. The syntactic valency of the nouns compliance, conformity overlaps, with the object denoted with a dative as often as not.