Von antreiten bis eischen. Aus der Werkstatt des Mittelhochdeutschen syntaktischen Verbwörterbuchs (MSVW)

  • Albrecht Greule
Keywords: historical syntax, Middle High German, valence, lexicography, change of meaning


Considerations for the writing of a Middle High German valence dictionary, an important part of historical German grammar, have been made several times since about the year 2000 in an international context. So far, all approaches have not led to any results. With the publication of the Middle High German Dictionary (MWB) both in print and on the Internet since 2006, the MWB will be used to continuously write entries for the Middle High German Syntactic Verb Dictionary (MSVW) from 2018 onwards. The article presents the method by which dictionary articles are written, and brings as a preprint the dictionary entries for the verbs mhd. ænigen, antreiten, arzâtîen, backen, bâren, dringen, eischen.