Mathematics, Language, Poetry: Interactions and Attractions

  • Giedrius Alkauskas
Keywords: Versification, formes fixes, terza rima, quinta rima, Baranauskas, Dante, pentastich, bidisciplinary, concrete poetry, synonym, metathesis, mnemonic, Luhn algorithm, trope


    In this paper, we investigate the structures built in the intersection of two domains of knowledge (mathematics, language, poetry), which imply non-trivial consequences for the remaining domain. For example, we explore the possibilities of how to creatively interpret the Lithuanian text whose form is strictly limited by mathematical and grammatical rules. Further, mathematics helps us to reveal the core of terza rima by Dante and allows to pose a purely theoretical (and in few cases practical) problem about its generalizations. We also discuss the assumptions under which the interactions of several domains of creativity are (or can be) fertile.