The Matter of Authorship of the Handwritten “Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language”: the New Findings Revealed from a Professional Handwriting Analysis

  • Geda Montvilaitė
  • Anna Tollarová
Keywords: handwritten “Dictionary of the Lithuanian language”, František Ladislav Čelakovský, professional handwriting analysis, Lithuanistics, Czech Baltistics


    The archival document Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language (shelfmark IV A 11) is kept at the Department of Manuscripts and Early Printed Books of the Czech National Museum Library. This handwritten lexicographic relic is dated to the first half of the 19th century and contains 1701 entries. This article focuses on the matter of authorship of this relic following previous research studies, in which F. L. Čelakovský was suggested as the likely author of the Dictionary. The article presents new findings revealed from a Czech professional handwriting analysis. The evidence discussed in the article is based on the assumption that F. L. Čelakovský is the author of the handwritten Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language.