Concept of the Word “augalas” (Based on Student Survey)

  • Anželika Gaidienė
  • Danutė Liutkevičienė
Keywords: survey, meaning, most typical feature, definition, term, plant


    Lithuanian explanatory dictionaries (Dictionary of Modern Lithuanian, Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language) usually define the word augalas (plant) as a botanical term by mentioning its essential features: ‘organism’, which feeds on ‘inorganic nutrients’ and requires ‘the energy of light’. However, augalas is not only a term but also a daily, usual word, which explanatory dictionaries could also define in a more mundane manner by recording its typical features, typical members of the category, etc. to make it easier for dictionary readers to understand it. To find out how the word augalas is understood, which features are more important and easily recognizable and which are less important, a student survey was conducted the findings of which could be of help in supplementing the traditional (more scientific) definition of the term augalas with more typical features.