Syntactic Peculiarities of Žagarė Local Dialect (Based on the Records of 1998–2003)

  • Janina Švambarytė-Valužienė
Keywords: dialect syntax, morphosyntactic phenomena, phraseology, comparisons, language expression


    By this article the author finishes the description of Žagarė local dialect. The article analyzes its syntactic phenomena and discusses morphosyntactic constructions (perficientive, expression of necessity and condition, arthroid), which can also be found in another Baltic language, i.e. Latvian. The article describes the dialectal expression of the subject, object, time, place and cause in the sentence. It reviews the linking words of dangling constructions and complex sentences used in the dialect. Based on Phraseological Dictionary and Dictionary of Comparisons, the article describes the dialect’s phraseology (traditional phraseological units and stable word phrases) and comparisons and draws attention to the insightfully applied expressive content in the dialect.