The Puzzles of New Compoundsʼ Analysis and Classification

  • Daiva Murmulaitytė
Keywords: word formation, coinages, compound nouns, analogy, blending


    The paper aims to review the atypical cases of Lithuanian neologisms that are coined from two or more words. The nouns, i.e. compounds and blends, collected in “The Database of Lithuanian Neologisms” until the beginning of 2019 are under investigation. The types of indigenous compound nouns that are not described in the grammar of the Lithuanian language are presented. Also, the results of composition-suffixation (e.g. saulėdengtės ‘sunblindʼ) are discussed. The derivational motivation of some occasionalisms (kūnovara ‘health promotion system that corresponds to the old Lithuanian worldviewʼ , megztipaltis ‘cardigowʼ) is considered. The place of analogical formations in the system of Lithuanian derivations is under consideration too. Special attention is paid to the new coinages with the features of compounds and blends (such as dvirtakis ‘cycling trail’) as well as to the correlation of blending and morphemic disintegration.