The Main Principles of the Terminology Work of Old Georgian Translators in the 10th–11th Centuries

  • Lia Karosanidze
Keywords: terminology, old Georgian translators, old Georgian terminology, grammatical terminology, Dionysius Thrax


    The Georgian terminology work has its own long history but it has not been yet studied thoroughly. The basic principles of the Old terminology work followed by the medieval scholars, namely: deep and thorough knowledge of the main notion denoted by a term to render it properly; avoid the norms which are not natural for the Georgian language; try to learn thoroughly the structures of both languages and make them closer, to determine the rules which those languages follow, find right correspondences and not to make mechanical calques; create the Georgian terms with Georgian roots and Georgian derivative means; give precise and trustful definitions. The theories of the old Georgian translators are actual and important up today.

History of Terminology