Terminology in the Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language („Lietuvių kalbos žodynas“)

  • Alvydas Umbrasas
Keywords: “Lietuvių kalbos žodynas”, “The Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language”, terminological information, illustrative sentence, term, terminology


    The article analyses terminological data collected from the Dictionary of the Lithuanian language (Lietuvių kalbos žodynas – LKŽ). It is an effort to read the dictionary in a slightly different way. Considering that the root termin- is conveying a certain form of terminological information, words with this root, as well as meaning interpretations, illustrative examples with such words were collected from the LKŽ. The gathered information allows to consider the LKŽ not only as a dictionary of general type but also as a source of expertise information. Illustrative examples are particularly helpful since they provide an insight into the theory and practice of terminology, challenges in terminological work, the development of terms, etc.

Terminology and the Present