Hybrid Compounds with Classical Prepositive Bound Stems in the Terminology of Construction

  • Lina Rutkienė
Keywords: compound, generic term, classical bound stem, improper compound, construction


    One of the most prominent tendencies in the contemporary terminology of construction is the usage of international bound stems coming from Greek and Latin languages, such as aero-, makro-, mikro-, nano-, vibro-, etc., for the formation of neologisms. However, a single approach towards the morphemic status of these international elements is lacking in Lithuanian terminology. Therefore, the article discusses the diversity of opinions and proposes to dissociate affixoids (prefixoids and suffixoids) from bound stems – in this case a term of bound stems is more applicable. based on the material collected from scientific literature in the field of construction, the article addresses the development of hybrid terms of construction with classical bound stems and evaluates the reasons which had major influence on the spread of these compounds in the terminology of construction. The article analyses the tendencies of formation of these hybrid compound terms and discusses the attempts to form compound terms with classical bound stems as proper compounds.

Terminology and the Present