Pronominal Forms in the Terminology of Macroeconomics: Usage Patterns and Reasons for Fluctuations

  • Ramunė Vaskelaitė
Keywords: pronominal forms, complex term, subordinate constituent


    Although while defining the norms of the usage of pronominal forms (here-inafter referred to as PF), there is a tendency to state that the usage of PFs in the terminology is a must, the author of the article has noticed that PFs are used irregularly in the terminology, and this article investigates their usage in the terminology further. Usage patterns and reasons for fluctuations are investigated by using the terminology of macroeconomics, which is a component of economic theory, i. e. textbooks in macroeconomics for higher schools. By comparing the PF usage on the intertextual and textual levels, it is aimed to establish objective factors determining fluctuations in PFs usage in terms, and it is also focused on the factor of a subjective nature – different qualities of textbook preparation in linguistic terms.

Terminology and the Present