Extracting Lexical Units for Identifying Specialized Semantic Frames

  • Ana Ostroški Anić
  • Maja Lončar
  • Martina Pavić
Keywords: aviation terminology, English-Croatian corpus, semantic frames, specialized knowledge, terminology


    The paper discusses the idea of using parallel corpora for the extraction of terminological units used to identify semantic frames of aviation, as the first step in developing a method for determining specialized semantic frames. The process of compiling the parallel corpus of texts taken from the Eur-Lex database using Sketch Engine tools is described first. The methodology of extracting term candidates and their manual verification is then presented, as well as the process of extracting and verifying relevant verbs. The results of term verification are discussed, with the focus on the role of verbs and verbal collocations in identifying relevant semantic frames and frame elements.

Terminology and the Present