Evaluation System for Online Terminological Databases

  • Dóra Mária Tamás
  • Eszter Sermann
Keywords: translation tools, terminological database, evaluation system, concept orientation, data categories


    This paper attempts to create an extensive classification and evaluation system to offer objective viewpoints for the comprehension, description, classification, evaluation and review of central online termbases of larger organisations. Such a comprehensive classification already exists for lexicographical genres, i.e. printed and online dictionaries, but it is still missing for online termbases. The research is based on previous international and Hungarian literature, the study of several online examples, of existing partial classifications and our previous research. The experimental categorisation with a schematic version in the appendix offers a contribution to a deeper comprehension, the possibility of a thorough description and more attentive evaluation, and ultimately, a growing awareness of the use of online termbases. Providing a new insight may also inspire the development of these beneficial tools which facilitate communication in the field of specialised languages.

Terminology and the Present