Terminology Work in South Tyrol: New Approaches, New Termbase, New Contents

  • Elena Chiocchetti
Keywords: legal terminology, South Tyrol, micro-comparison, “bistro”, legal collocations, terminology user needs


    The paper gives an overview of the development of legal terminology work in South Tyrol. Working methods have evolved. Micro-comparison between the Italian and the German-speaking systems (Austria, Germany and Switzerland) has become a hallmark of our terminology work. The online system bistro (http://bistro.eurac.edu/) has also been renewed to accommodate changing user needs, e.g. providing advanced filtering and a feedback function. A policy of growing attention to target users has led us to include work on legal collocations. Further user requests concern domains like occupational health and safety. This implies treating relevant technical, medical and other scientific terminology. Doing this while remaining consistent with the methods applied to legal terminology poses a notable methodological challenge.

Terminology and the Present