Eponymous Clothing Terms in "Aiškinamasis aprangos terminų žodynas" (Explanatory Dictionary of Clothing Terms)

  • Aušra Rimkutė-Ganusauskienė
Keywords: eponymous term, eponym, clothing term, metonymisation, onymus


The article examines the eponymous clothing terms found in Aiškinamasis aprangos terminų žodynas (2014; Explanatory Dictionary of Clothing Terms) prepared by Stanislovas Algimantas Ratautas, Eugenija Strazdienė, and Ada Gulbinienė. Based on the works of Lithuanian and foreign linguists, the concept of eponym and eponymous term is discussed, the most common disadvantages and advantages of eponymous terms are mentioned. It is concluded that although eponymous clothing terms are relatively rare, they complement clothing terminology and are very important: in some cases, they are the only names for clothing concepts. The largest number of eponymous clothing terms found are based on anthroponyms and toponyms. Terms derived from male surnames predominate. Eponymous clothing terms are full-fledged terms alongside non-eponymous terms.

Terminology and the Present