Terminological Variation in Specialised Discourse: The Case of the Mediterranean Diet

  • Fátima Noronha
Keywords: terminological variation, diastratic variation, ecolinguistics, Mediterranean Diet, specialised discourse


In this work, we show how terminological variation produced among different groups of specialists affects terminological databases. We use the Mediterranean Diet as a case study, a composite domain where traditional activities have their own embedded knowledge and terminology, however, seldom accounted for in main terminological resources. Though inevitable, variation sprouting from different communities needs to be properly handled and explained. We propose a perspective on the concept of specialist and specialised discourse, allowing for a more efficient organisation of specialised corpora and a better grasp of the origins of diastratic variation. We also present a theoretical framework, based on ecolinguistics, for domains where traditional communities play the role of specialists. We aim to contribute to help communicative mediators in better decision-making and informed choices according to their target.


Terminology and the Present