Classification of the Conceptions of Creativity and the Definition of Creativity

  • Gediminas Beresnevičius
Keywords: creativity, classification of the conceptions of creativity, definition of creativity


    The article classifies the conceptions of concept of creativity that are most often found in scientific literature. Five types of them are described: creativity as an internal singularity of the creator, creativity as a creative process, creativity as a product, creativity as a formation of different components, and creativity as a driving factor of multi-sided progress. Each type of the conception has several subtypes. The analysis of the conceptions shows that the only semantically and logically correct conception is that of creativity as an internal singularity of the creator, and the definition of creativity as a subtype of creative abilities should be used. The conception of creativity as a process, product, or an environmental feature is also acceptable. Based on the analysis of scientific literature, the following definition of creativity was formulated: creativity is the creator’s ability to create something qualitatively new; the novelty of the creative process, the product or environment created.

Terminology and the Present