The Enigma of Merlin in Biomedical Sciences: Image, Concept, Term

  • Anastasia Sharapkova
Keywords: merlin, Arthurian myth, terminological variance, concept, knowledge structures, metaphor


    This paper attempts to overview how a fictional character from the Arthurian myth became transferred to biomedical sciences entering complex variance relationship with other terms introduced at the same time. Applying the cognitive linguistic methodology, we first model the structures of knowledge represented by the initial concept through outlining the conceptual characteristics. Then we study the discursive features of using the term “merlin” and pinpoint those characteristics that get actualized in scientific papers. The term allows for great creativity to be unleashed exploiting those structures and transferring them to another knowledge domain. Merlin as a term is preferred in review papers and seems to serve as a marker of some yet unresolved questions of basic science.

Terminology and the Present