Subordination between Components and Definition of a Combinative Term: Case Study

  • Aušra Rimkutė-Ganusauskienė
Keywords: term, concept, terminological meaning, definition, combinative term


    Every term must have a definition – the outcome of a constructive agreement. The content of the definition depends on the scope of the concept. After the number of basic and distinguishing features reflected by it changes (decreases or increases), the content of the definition may change as well (it may be updated, i.e. narrowed or expanded). When the definition of the same concept is being created, the professionals of a certain field may choose slightly different features to define the same concept. Such inconsistency may be determined by the difference in their experience, education, concept perception, and even imagination. Referring to specific examples, the article presents the first more in-depth analysis addressing the relationship of subordination between the constituent component(s) of a combinative term and its definition.

Terminology and the Present