Usage and Empirical Productivity of International Adjectival Suffixes in Slovak Revisited

  • Jana Levická
Keywords: productivity, adjective, suffix, general corpus, specialised corpus, hapax legomena, low-frequency lemma, large number of rare events distributions


    This paper represents a sequel to earlier research focusing on the usage and productivity of five Latinate suffixes in Slovak. The analysis focuses on real and potential productivity in a two-stage comparison: 1) tokens and lemmas occurring in a general balanced corpus vs general corpus of specialised and academic texts, 2) general corpus of specialised and academic texts vs specialised (sub)corpora of medical, legal, economic and religious texts. The first aim of the sequel was to establish if the low-frequency lemmas include new coinages that could contribute to the productivity variation across domains. The second aim was to identify and implement an appropriate statistical measure that would enable the comparison of productivity corpus data across differently sized corpora.

Terminology and the Present