Terminology at the Dutch Language Institute: Towards a Centre of Expertise for Professional Language

  • Frieda Steurs
Keywords: Dutch terminology, economic impact, terminology tools, education, medical terminology


    When it comes to terminology, the Dutch-speaking regions have a long tradition of collaboration. Since the eighties there have been several initiatives, all led by the Dutch Language Union. There was a growing awareness that a platform was needed to bring together all information concerning Dutch terminology and to make it accessible for every possible user. Since 2016, the Dutch Language Institute (INT) in Leiden manages and develops all kinds of Dutch language materials. The whole spectrum of language, including professional language, regional languages and dialects, is now given attention, making it obvious for the INT to accommodate the Centre of Expertise for Dutch Terminology (ENT). In this article I will go deeper into the wide range of information supplied by the ENT, including specific software tools for terminological tasks. I will also describe a project on medical terminology that links lexicography and terminology and that is conducted at the INT.

Terminology and the Present