Two-word Composite Names of Late 19th – Early 20th Century with “liga” as Head Element and Dependent Elements Expressed by Participles

  • Palmira Zemlevičiūtė
Keywords: medicine, two-word composite name, term, head element, dependent element, participle, semantic function


    The article analyses two-word composite names with liga as the head element and dependent elements expressed by participles, which were used in the medical texts of the late 19th century – early 20th century written in a popular scientific style (books, booklets, newspaper and calendar articles). It explains the specific features of expression of those elements and the semantic functions of the head element liga and addresses the question of the choice of the participles of different expression and the attribution of the names under analysis to terms. The names are discussed in the framework of different groups formed on the basis of the voice (passive or active) and the form of expression (simple or pronominal) of the participles, which are used as dependent elements. The dominant type of their expression is Dlvnvk ← Dktvliga, and the dominant subtype is Dlvnvk(ppr) ← Dktvliga. The names with the shade of the subject are most widespread: the head element liga usually plays the function of the subject. Most names are not terms, as they do not specify concepts, and their dependent element denotes a temporary quality.

History of Terminology