One-word Terms of Astrology from the Perspective of Origin

  • Ramunė Vaskelaitė
Keywords: term of astrology, origin of term, loanword, term of Lithuanian origin, one-word term, composite term


The present article takes a look at the unresearched field of the terms of astrology. It attempts to look around in this field with the focus on the group of one-word terms. The aim of the article is to determine the composition of this group of terms from the perspective of origin. The study reveals that the layer of borrowed terms takes the lead, though, in contrast to many other fields, which are today strongly affected by the English language, there are few terms showing the signs of borrowing or direct adoption of the term from the English language even in such a medium open to the influence of the English language as the language of the Internet (the analysis is based on the websites of astrology accessible online). Astrology stands out as the field of the use of terms having its own independent set of terms, though it is not recognised as a science.

Terminology and the Present