Laurynas Ivinskis’ Names of Plant and Mushroom Genera in Povilas Matulionis’ “Žolynas”: Dedicated to the 210th Anniversary of the Birth of Laurynas Rokas Ivinskis

  • Albina Auksoriūtė
Keywords: Laurynas Ivinskis, Povilas Matulionis’ “Žolynas”, plant genera names, mushroom genera names, motivation, neologisms, compounds, inflectional derivatives, suffixal derivatives, prefixal derivatives


The article analyses 142 plant and mushroom genera names by Laurynas Ivinskis, which are presented in the first glossary of botanical terms published in Lithuania – the collection of plant names Žolynas Dalys II. Lietuvos augalų žodynas ir augalų taislas (1906) compiled by Povilas Matulionis. It identifies the methods of creation of plant and mushroom genera names applied by Ivinskis, the means and motivation of the formation of neologisms; the names analysed in the study are compared with the names of the same genera used in Ivinskis’ manuscript Prigimtūmenė (Nature) and Ivinskis’ names provided in Lietuviškas botanikos žodynas (Lithuanian Dictionary of Botany); it is determined which names of the genera of plants and mushrooms established themselves in general usage.

History of Terminology