Terms of Neology and the Practice of “The Database of Lithuanian Neologisms”

  • Rita Miliūnaitė
Keywords: neologism, neology, terminology of linguistics, database of neologisms


As the research of neologisms is gathering pace in Lithuania, their description requires new terms, which have not until now been used in Lithuanian linguistics or have been used by individual authors only and are not yet included in dictionaries but are widespread in foreign studies. The article investigates how the concept of neologism (Lith. naujažodis) is defined in the major studies of Lithuanian linguistics and what its principal semantic components are. It reveals the content of linguistic terms naujažodis, neologizmas, protologizmas, okazionalizmas, efemerizmas, paleologizmas and several other neology related terms. It builds upon foreign lexicographical sources of this field and the research in neology, as well as the experience of managing the Database of Lithuanian Neologisms.

Terminology and the Present