Category of Repetition in Linguistic Discourse

  • Zinaida Pakholok
Keywords: category, linguistic categories, category type, repetition, language units, discourse, philosophy, methodology


    The article deals with the phenomenon of categories, type description of linguistic categories in the structure of the language, as well as the history of their study. Due to the fact that modern science is characterized not only by the formation of new concepts, but also by enriching the content of long-existing ones, the emphasis is made on the category of repetition. This category is understood as the objective regularity inherent in all objects and phenomena of the material world in order to reproduce the object or phenomenon partially or completely. The categorical status of repetition originates from the ability to abstract and it is transmitted by a system of language means. The usage of this term and the new conceptual scheme of analysis allows us to describe the heterogeneous linguistic phenomena that underlie the repetition.