Unraveling Vilnius County Drymonymy: the Case of Metonymy

  • Alisa Stunžaitė
Keywords: Vilnius County, drymonyms, metonymy, metonymic models, cognitive onomastics


The primary objective of this study is to provide insights into the metonymic patterns exhibited by drymonyms within present-day Vilnius County. The research focuses on a selection of 696 names extracted from a total of 787 officially functioning drymonyms found in the territory of Vilnius County. Data for the study were collected from various sources, including printed materials, electronic resources, and interactive maps. The research findings underscore the prevalence of metonymic thinking in forming drymonyms. Three distinct metonymic models emerged from the analysis: PLACE FOR THE PLACE, SALIENT FEATURE FOR THE PLACE, and PERSON FOR THE PLACE. The PLACE FOR THE PLACE model proved highly productive, yielding 570 drymonyms. The SALIENT FEATURE FOR THE PLACE model was linked to 100 drymonyms. The PERSON FOR THE PLACE model influenced the naming of 26 drymonyms.