Motivation and Semantics of Šalčininkai District Potamonyms: A Cognitive Approach

  • Pavel Skorupa
Keywords: toponym motivation, toponym semantics, potamonyms, Šalčininkai District, Cognitive Onomastics


    The aim of the research is the semantic analysis of potamonyms (river and stream names) in Šalčininkai District within the framework of cognitive semantics, focusing on identifying their motivation. The study examines a total of 55 potamonyms currently officially functioning within the area of investigation. The linguistic analysis reveals that potamonyms fall into two distinct categories: those with transparent motivation and semantics (32 cases) and those with opaque motivation and semantics (23 cases). The names in both categories convey the nominator’s impressions of the named object through etymons that reflect the most salient features of the location and attribute meaning to them.