Valency of the Adjective prieraišus and the Noun prieraišumas in Contemporary Lithuanian (Written) Language

  • Loreta Vaičiulytė-Semėnienė
Keywords: valency, adjective prieraišus, adjectival noun, lexical semantic field


    The object of the article is the adjective prieraišus and its noun derivative (prieraišumas). The aim is to find out the combinability of these predicates from the perspective of valency based on the material from the Corpus of Contemporary Lithuanian Language. The research revealed that the expression of the indirect object of prieraišus and prieraišumas is influenced by the semantics and grammar of the predicates from the minimal lexical semantic field. It appeared that the norm is disregarded, and there is a tendency to express the indirect object of prieraišumas in the dative case, especially when it is used with the words denoting an inanimate thing.