„Ortsnamen zwischen Rhein und Elbe – Onomastik im Europäischen Raum“. Ein Forschungsprojekt der Göttinger Akademie der Wissenschaften

  • Jürgen Udolph
Keywords: place names, names of deserted places, settlement history, Germanic peoples, Saxons


    The place names of the German federal states of Lower Saxony and Westphalia (part of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia) that were attested before 1600, including the names of deserted towns and villages, are critically examined on the basis of their historical evidence and linguistically examined according to their origin and interpretation etymologically, morphologically and typologically, with the volumes of the NOB (Niedersächsisches Ortsnamenbuch) to be an example. Once the work is completed, maps and summary papers will provide an evaluation of the question of origin, etymological connections and settlement history.
    The results will also be relevant for Scandinavia, England, Eastern Europe (including the Baltic States) and parts of Central Europe.