Productive Types of Noun and Adjective Neologisms

  • Jolanta Vaskelienė
Keywords: neologism, type of word formation, productivity, derivative, compound, (potential) base word


    The article analyses the noun and adjective neologisms of the productive types of word formation made with suffixes and collected from the texts of Lithuanian authors (neologisms are derivatives not recorded in the supporting sources – Dictionary of the Standard Lithuanian Language, Dictionary of the Modern Lithuanian Language, Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language and Supplement Catalogue of the Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language). The study is based on the data of the analysis of 374 neologisms belonging to six types of the formation of nouns and adjectives. The article discusses the abstracts of verbs with the suffixes -imas/-ymas and -tis, the abstracts of nominals with the suffixes -umas, -ybė, -ystė, as well as the adjectives with the suffix -iškas, -a. The research aims to reveal the peculiarities of the formation, semantics and use of these types of neologisms. The data from the empirical analysis have been compared with the descriptions of these types of formation presented in word formation works and grammars, as well as with the insights of the researchers of the Database of Neologisms of the Lithuanian language. The article provides some recommendations for lexicographers.