Correspondence between “Pamoksłas apie Kiemioniszkas Naminiku Pawinastes” (1797) by Kiprijonas Lukauskas with the texts from “Powinnosci Gospodarzow Wieyskich” (1779) by Juozapas Legavičius

  • Jūratė Pajėdienė
Keywords: Kiprijonas Lukauskas (1757–1815), Juozapas Legavičius (Józef Legowicz, 1743–1812), Karol Fabiani (1716–1786), sermon as an act of teaching, translations of Catholic literature into Lithuanian, 18th century


    This article continues the research addressing the multilayered structure of Pamokslai by Kiprijonas Lukauskas (1757–1815) (see Karaciejus, ed., 1996) and its correspondence with the sources from which it was translated (on the correspondence between the main part of Lukauskas’ manuscript Pamoksłas Isz Prisakimu Diewa (p. 312) with the texts from the book Missyi Apostolskiey Część II (1783) by Karol Fabiani (see Pajėdienė 2022). This time, the article reveals the correspondence between the part of the manuscript entitled Pamoksłas ape Kiemioniszkas Naminiku Pawinastes (p. 352–378) and the texts from the book Powinnosci Gospodarzow Wieyskich (1779) by Juozapas Legavičius (1743–1812).