Once More on the Transcription of Aukštaitian Subdialects by the Symbols of the International Phonetic Alphabet (Several Clarified Cases)

  • Rima Bakšienė
Keywords: phonetics, transcription, International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), Lithuanian dialects, Aukštaitian


    The article addresses the questions of transcribing the Aukštaitian subdialects of the Lithuanian language by the symbols of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), revises certain symbols from the earlier set of the IPA symbols for the sounds of Lithuanian dialects presented in 2017 and ways of transcribing. It discusses the vowel and consonant symbols of the IPA, which may possibly be used for transcribing the sounds in Aukštaitian, diactritical marks, the opportunities and problems of the IPA in transcribing the prosodic units (pitch accents and their allotones) of Aukštaitian subdialects. It reviews the generalized system of vocalism of Aukštaitian subdialects (phonemes and their more prominent variants), analyses certain more difficult cases of consonant transcription by the IPA symbols, gives the examples of transcribing the syllables, which contain diphthongs and bear different pitch accents. After more indepth studies on dialectal phonology are conducted in the future and more theoretical works are generalized, the transcription of Lithuanian dialects by the IPA symbols will be further revised.