Ukrainian Formation in Scientific Heritage of Mikołaj Kruszewski

  • Zinaida Pakholok
Keywords: Mikołaj Kruszewski, Volyn, latter half of the 19th century, the Ukrainian language, folklore, comparative linguistics


    The article for the first time examines the Ukrainian works in the scientific heritage of Mikołaj Kruszewski, who was born in a Polish-German family, spent his childhood and adolescence in Ukraine, received primary education and was influenced by the Ukrainian ethnos, which did not have the status of statehood at that time. Ukrainians could not freely develop their language, culture and science, teach children in their native language. The disputable question was whether the Ukrainian language is independent or it is a dialect of the Russian language. Without engaging in polemics, Kruszewski used the Ukrainian beliefs that he recorded in Volyn in the work “Spelis as a form of Russian folk poetry”, as well as the Ukrainian vocabulary to compare with other Indo-European languages in research “On “analogy” and “folk etymology” (“Volksеtymologie”)”, “On the question of the guna. A study in the domain of Old Slavic vocalism”, “Üeber die Lautabwechslung”, “An Outline of Lingustic Science”.