Zur textuellen Grundlage des altpreußischen „Enchiridions“ bei Vater (1821) oder zu dem verschollenen „VH“-Exemplar

  • Pietro U. Dini
Keywords: Old Prussian, Enchiridion, Johann Severin Vater, Abraham Ernst Hennig, Karl Faber


    Some important aspects of the edition Vater (1821) are still not very clear, particularly the relationship between the text published by Vater and the manuscript copy of the Old Prussian Enchiridion kept in the volume Ms. boruss. fol. 462. (Berlin), which has been unknown until now. The copy was carried out by A. E. Hennig on the base of an incomplete printed copy of the Enchiridion, which was his own property. Since Nesselmann (1845), this copy of the OPr. Enchiridion has been considered lost. Both internal and external arguments show that the lost incomplete printed copy was the starting point for Hennig’s manuscript and consequently also for Vater’s edition. The incomplete copy was lacking pages 126–134. Oddly enough, the text published by Vater is two pages shorter than Hennig’s manuscript copy. A comparison of different data allows us also to restore some features of the lost copy. I would propose calling this copy the “HV”-copy.