On the Term “Žemė́vardis”

  • Dalia Sviderskienė
Keywords: toponym, indigenous term, analysis of the text of usage, context analysis, terminological nomination, motivation, system of terms, cross-disciplinary communication


    The article discusses the process and result of the terminologization of the indigenous word žemvardis (‘land name’), which functioned in the language of interwar scientist Kazimieras Alminauskis, its concept, the place of the term in the system of local terms, its relationship with other terms used in Lithuanian toponomastics. After revealing the conceptual information provided by this linguistic sign, broader possibilities for the use of the term are provided. The article is expanded by encyclopedic data, the fragments of history of collecting place names from living language (speaking); they are further supplemented by the information from the national register of toponymy of the previous century Dictionary of Lithuanian Toponyms and the examples of local toponymy representing the cultural semantics of the interwar village from the Land Names questionnaires.