Stress Retraction in the Texts of the Eastern Aukštaitian Subdialect of Anykščiai

  • Vilija Ragaišienė
Keywords: Eastern Aukštaitian subdialect of Anykščiai, stress, syllable, dialectal texts


    Based on the written sources – the texts from the 1860s–1880s published by German linguist Franz Specht in the publication Litauische Mundarten gesammelt von A. Baranowski in Leipzig, the descriptions of the local dialects of Anykščiai dating to the period of the 1950s–1960s, which are stored in the Dialect Archive of the Geolinguistic Centre at the Institute of the Lithuanian Language, the dialectal texts prepared by Žaneta Markevičienė and other researchers in the second half of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century – the article analyses the phenomena of stress retraction in the Eastern Aukštaitian subdialect of Anykščiai. It seeks to describe the formation of stress retraction in the sub-dialect of Anykščiai in the most detailed manner possible, to determine what laws of stress retraction could be in effect in the area of the subdialect during a given period, to reveal the areal distribution of the phenomenon and to discuss the changes in stress retraction and their causes.