Zur Frage der baltischen Eigennamen des Gebietes „Ragnit“ und „Tilsit“ in den Ordensdokumenten des 14.–15. Jahrhunderts

  • Darius Ivoška
Keywords: historical Onomastics, historical proper names, German Order folios


    The article examines proper names in two selected areas of Prussian Lithuania, i.e. Ragainė and Tilžė. The primary aim and objective of the research was to examine personal names as well as place names (in case any would have been identified in the course of the research) with key focus exclusively on their possibly unknown mentions and etymology. However, in the course of the research, the aims and objectives had to be expanded by supplementing them with an attempt to answer questions related to the problems of Historical Onomastics in a broad sense, its research scope, main objectives, the selection of appropriate research sources and materials, etc.