Some Potential Borrowings from Hungarian into Lithuanian

  • Aranka Laczházi
Keywords: Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Hungarians in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, language contacts, lexical borrowings, borrowings from Hungarian


    The article aims to overview the Lithuanian words that are supposed to be of Hungarian origin or may be linked to Hungarian in an indirect way. Most of these lexemes have been borrowed through Polish, less often through German, Belarussian or Russian during the 16–18th centuries. They belong to specific thematic groups like military terms, names of military uniform details or names of products that were imported into the Grand Duchy of Lithuania from the former Kingdom of Hungary. In many cases a significant change in the semantic of the lexemes can be observed.
    It is worth noticing that only a small number of these lexemes is being known and used in contemporary Standard Lithuanian, as these words belong rather to dialectal or historical lexicon.